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Upcoming Webinars

12/14/2017 - Safety Performance Measures for Bicyclists and Pedestrians
Presented by: David Kopacz, Federal Highway Administration; Amy Schick, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Recently Delivered Webinars

12/11/2017 - Determining the Safety Impacts of Bicycling and Walking Investments
Presented by: Daniel Carter and Raghavan Srinivasan, UNC Highway Safety Research Center.

11/8/2017 - Addressing Speed-Related Crashes with a Focus on Protecting Children
Presented by: Nancy Pullen-Seufert, National Center for Safe Routes to School; Leah Walton, National Transportation Safety Board; Margot Ocañas, Los Angeles Department of Transportation; and Nina Haiman, New York City Department of Transportation.

10/18/2017 - Making Signals Work for Bicyclists and Pedestrians
Presented by: Peter Koonce, PE, of Portland, OR.

9/13/2017 - Design Innovation and the MUTCD Experimentation Process
Presented by: Bill DeSantis, VHB; and Dave Kirschner, FHWA.

8/31/2017 - Part II: Policies to Prepare for an Automated Future
Presented by: Mollie Pelon, NACTO; Susan Handy, UC Davis; Joe Iacobucci, Sam Schwartz Engineering; and Art Pearce, City of Portland.

8/16/2017 - Part I: The Promise and Challenges of Automated Technologies
Presented by: Justin Owens, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute; Bernardo Pires, Carnegie Mellon Robotics Insitute; and Michael Jenkins, Charles River Analytics.

06/12/2017 – Improving Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety Using Truck Side Guards
Presented by: Alexander Epstein, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center; and Kris Carter, City of Boston.

05/17/2017 – Measuring and Visualizing Multimodal Networks
Presented by: Eliot Rose, ICF; Dan Goodman, Federal Highway Administration; Eli Glazier, Toole Design Group.

05/10/2017 – Incorporating Bicycle Networks into Resurfacing Projects
Presented by: Peter Lagerwey and Jeremy Chrzan, Toole Design Group.

Designing for Bicyclist Safety Webinar Series
Presented by: Brooke Struve, Federal Highway Administration; Peter Lagerwey, Toole Design Group; Greg Bakos, VHB; and Michael Cynecki, Lee Engineering

04/18/2017 – Getting from Vision Zero Plan to Vision Zero Progress
Presented by: Rob Viola, New York City Department of Transportation; Luis Montoya, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency; and Cathy Tuttle, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways.

03/14/2017 – Preparing for Successful Education and Enforcement Efforts
Presented by: Laura Sandt, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Kara Macek Governors Highway Safety Association; Shannon Purdy, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Lt. Joe Raulerson, Gainesville Police Department; and Lt. Michael Montanye, Greenville (NC) Police Department.

02/23/2017 – Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Data – Part 2: Equipment
Presented by: Krista Nordback, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Frank Proulx, Alta Planning + Design; Sarah O'Brien, NCSU Institute for Transportation Research and Education

02/21/2017 – Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Data – Part 1: Programs, Data, and Metrics
Presented by: Krista Nordback, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Scott Brady, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission; Jeremy Raw, Federal Highway Administration; Kelly Laustsen, Kittelson and Associates, Inc.


PBIC Webinar Series

PBIC offers regular webinars through a number of different Webinar Series. Learn more about each of our series below.

Livable Communities Webinar Series

This ongoing webinar series is designed to encourage safe walking and bicycling as a viable means of transportation and physical activity.
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FHWA Pedestrian and Bicycle Focus Webinar Series

This series of quarterly webinars is part of the FHWA Office of Safety's initiative to reduce deaths and injuries by focusing resources in areas with the highest numbers and/or rates of pedestrian fatalities.
View the webinars >>

Pedestrian Safety Action Plan Webinar Series

This seven-part webinar series is designed to help communities know where to begin to address pedestrian safety issues when developing a pedestrian safety action plan tailored to their community.
View the webinars >>

AASHTO Bike Guide Series

This seven-part series provides complete training on all updates to the updated AASHTO Bike Guide.
View the webinars >>

APHA Series

PBIC has teamed up with the American Public Health Association to offer this three-part series that discusses the intersection between public health and active transportation.
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Designing for Pedestrian Safety Webinars

This eight-part Webinar series is intended to help communities address pedestrian safety issues through design and engineering solutions.
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Easter Seals Webinar series

Part of Easter Seals Project Action's Promising Practices and Solutions in Accessible Transportation Series, co-presented by PBIC.
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Additional Webinars

In addition to the PBIC-sponsored webinars, several other organizations offer webinars on topics related to bicycling, walking, and livable communities.

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