Using Crash Types to Understand Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety

April 30, 2018


This webinar explored methods for assigning crash types to pedestrian and bicyclist crash data that can be used to better understand safety problems and select the appropriate intervention. Presentations showcased work being done in Florida and Arizona to assign crash types to pedestrian and bicyclist data. Panelists shared the methods used to develop the data and how they are using the information to make decisions.


  • Ilir Bejleri, University of Florida
  • Achilleas Kourtellis, University of South Florida
  • Mighk Wilson, Metroplan Orlando MPO
  • Michael Sanders, Arizona DOT
  • Brent Crowther, Kimley-Horn
  • Michelle Beckley, Lee Engineering

Webinar Resources

  • Presentation Materials (MP4)
  • Video Recording (PDF)