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Integration of pedestrian and bicycle planning into transportation planning is essential in creating sustainable, livable communities. Universities play a critical role in preparing future professionals to address transportation challenges and build the skills needed on their first day of employment. There are more than 360 accredited civil engineering programs in the US and 89 accredited master's or undergraduate degree programs in planning. Thousands of junior, technical, or community colleges offer foundational course work taken by future transportation practitioners. Combined, these educators inspire thousands of students each year and can equip current and future generations of practitioners to support safe and vibrant multimodal transportation systems.

Interdisciplinary university-level courses explore the core concepts of pedestrian and bicycle design and strategies related to creating effective and comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plans and programs. These courses explore policy, planning, and engineering practices to contribute to a balanced transportation system, as well as basic policies, practices, tools, and design principles that can be used to develop bicycle and pedestrian-friendly communities.


PBIC Automated Vehicles University Course Module Series provides a foundation and orientation for students and practitioners to learn more and join the conversation about the advancement of AVs and the safety and mobility for all road users.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Short Series offers three modules to augment undergraduate courses in basic civil engineering and/or transportation planning.

Graduate Level Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Course explores the core concepts of pedestrian and bicycle planning and strategies related to creating effective and comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plans and programs.

FHWA University Course on Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation contains modular resource material that is intended for use in university courses on bicycle and pedestrian transportation.

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Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning University Course Materials shares course offerings and contacts for pedestrian and bicycle transportation courses at universities across the United States.

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